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Internship Program

RESTART Internship Program 


The Retired Engineers, Scientists, Technicians, Administrators, Researchers, and Teachers (RESTART) Internship Program aims to help Michigan businesses move towards a low carbon future through energy waste reduction (EWR) and sustainability.  For this program, energy waste reduction means energy efficiency, load management, and energy conservation, and sustainability means pollution prevention, recycling, and source reduction.  The Program partners with Michigan universities and colleges with accredited undergraduate engineering programs to recruit and place junior and senior class engineering students in eligible business. 

The RESTART internship program allows students to gain valuable work experience and knowledge outside the classroom.  Internships usually are three months during the summer, and students are compensated according to their class standing.  

Student Eligibility

The student must be a good-standing junior and senior class engineering student enrolled at a participating Michigan university or college with accredited undergraduate chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, or manufacturing engineering programs.  They must submit a resume and an official transcript before the deadline.  Students will be selected through a competitive interviewing process.

Student Requirements

The student must be willing to enter into a contract agreement with RESTART before their placement at a worksite in early 2023, agree to work up to 40 hours per week, agree to implement the RESTART activity identified in their agreement, and forward bi-weekly electronic updates to RESTART staff.  Students will be trained in RESTART program principles and required to attend an orientation hosted by RESTART located at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield Michigan before work placement.  The direction is designed to explain program requirements, deliverables, and other program expectations.  Interns will be supported by RESTART staff to ensure the successful integration of the RESTART principles.

Student Compensation

The RESTART Internship Program will compensate selected RESTART interns with a salary to implement the RESTART activity identified in their agreement with the eligible business, reimburse them for safety equipment purchases, appropriate work-related expenses, and for a medical insurance policy offered through their university (limited to an amount that will be determined).

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